Sears Driver Runs Over Customers' Dog, Inspires Website

What do you do when a Sears delivery driver runs over one of your dogs and kills it, but all Sears will tell you is that it’s your fault for letting your dog out of the house? You start a website called Update: There has been a reconciliation between the owners and Sears. I’ve included a statement from Sears below.

I am in Marketing at Sears Hometown Stores based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

We are very sorry about the loss of the dog of a devoted Sears customer. As soon as we heard about this (which was at 5 PM CT on Dec-11-2009), our team acted swiftly to contact the customer who purchased the freezer from our Hometown Store in Dripping Springs, Texas. In fact, Will Powell, our business unit President, spoke to the customer just before 7 PM CT on Dec-11-2009 and extended our apologies and the customer graciously accepted.

As a symbol of our deep regret for the accident, we offered to reimburse him for the cost of his dog as well as to refund the original sale. Unfortunately, accidents happen and both the customer and Sears did a great job starting the path for reconciliation and, at this point, both the customer and Sears consider the issue resolved:

On a totally unrelated, yet weirdly related note, I was looking up info on the word “reconciliation” (to decide whether I really needed to put “a” in front of it) and discovered that Reconcile is the brand name of an anti-anxiety medication for dogs. Huh.

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