Ooh Shiny: Sears Card Gives Free Credit Scores

How would you like a free credit score with not very much baloney? The Sears Card from Citibank gives you just that, with no annual fees.

I did a little more digging after posting the “Sears Solution MasterCard Gives Free Credit Scores, But Has Annual Fee.” Turns out all the Sears cards now offer free credit score access, and I found one without an annual fee that you can apply for online (a number of their cards require you to apply in-store or in-bank).

Behold, the Citibank Sears Card. 20.4% APR, but you’re just getting it for the free credit score anyway. UPDATE: The credit score comes from TransUnion and seems to be provided by CreditKarma.com. I will investigate to see if this is different from what you normally get for free at CreditKarma.

UPDATE 2: Turns out the credit score info is the same you can get for free on CreditKarma.com. However, one feature the Sears card has over CreditKarma is that they email you every time your credit score changes. On CreditKarma.com you can only sign up for monthly credit score updates.

Apply for a Sears Card [Citibank]
Terms and Conditions [Citibank]

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