Ooh Shiny: Sears Card Gives Free Credit Scores

How would you like a free credit score with not very much baloney? The Sears Card from Citibank gives you just that, with no annual fees.

I did a little more digging after posting the “Sears Solution MasterCard Gives Free Credit Scores, But Has Annual Fee.” Turns out all the Sears cards now offer free credit score access, and I found one without an annual fee that you can apply for online (a number of their cards require you to apply in-store or in-bank).

Behold, the Citibank Sears Card. 20.4% APR, but you’re just getting it for the free credit score anyway. UPDATE: The credit score comes from TransUnion and seems to be provided by CreditKarma.com. I will investigate to see if this is different from what you normally get for free at CreditKarma.

UPDATE 2: Turns out the credit score info is the same you can get for free on CreditKarma.com. However, one feature the Sears card has over CreditKarma is that they email you every time your credit score changes. On CreditKarma.com you can only sign up for monthly credit score updates.

Apply for a Sears Card [Citibank]
Terms and Conditions [Citibank]


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  1. Joewithay says:

    I used to get a free credit score with my Providian/WaMu card then the stupid recession took that away when Chase eat their rotting corpses up.

  2. JRock says:

    But what about not opening up a new line of credit unless you absolutely need it? I wonder how getting a card just to check your credit score would, in fact, affect your credit score.

    And on a completely unrelated note: ever since the switchover to the new website format, I’ve had a problem where I can’t log in at all with Firefox. It takes me back as if nothing happened. I’m not having this issue in IE8… very strange.

  3. MaximusMMIV says:

    Since I happen to have a Sears card, I went ahead and gave this a shot. It took me a few minutes to register with searscreditscore.com (run by a company called Credit Karma), but I had my score immediately after logging in. No hoops to jump through or anything. I’ll definitely be using this to track my score from now on.

    Thanks for the tip!

  4. captadam says:

    My credit union (PSECU) gives me a free credit score monthly.

  5. kexline says:

    Wait, it sources TransUnion? So is this just CreditKarma (which is already free), or is there more to it?

    • ConfirmedHeretic says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Credit Karma is an awesome free service and you don’t have to have a Sears card to use it. But unless the Sears promo is something different from the standard Karma, it is not a real credit score but a simulated one. Still, I recommend it highly for tracking your score over time.

  6. ahecht says:

    If this is using CreditKarma, you can get their FAKO score for free by signing up at http://www.creditkarma.com without taking a credit hit. I will point out that their FAKO scores have little correlation with your real FICO score (they use a much simpler model).

    • kexline says:

      And I would add to that that everytime I’ve used fico’s three-score service, TRU has been the highest by about 10 points.

  7. Oranges w/ Cheese says:

    My credit karma score isn’t right. Its close, but it isn’t right.

  8. kazoni says:

    I too have a Sears card. There’s a caveat, you have to have a “qualifying purchase” every 12 months to have free access to it (so buy a snickers bar and charge it). Might be an issue for me as I already have a primary credit card, I just use this one at Sears for major things that I get deferred interest/payments on.

    One other thing I noticed about it is they’ll shoot you an email when your score changes.

  9. ecwis says:

    Is this site sponsored by Sears? There was another “article” about a Sears card just last week. https://consumerist.com/2009/12/sears-solution-mastercard-gives-free-credit-scores-but-has-annual-fee.html

    A free credit score is hardly worth applying for a credit card. I would much prefer getting 25,000 airline miles or $100 in cash.