Lowe's Travels To The Future To Discount Your Appliances

Mary was purchasing a washer and dryer set for her home at Lowe’s. Just as she was finalizing the purchase, a sales circular with a lower price on the very appliance she was buying dropped through the time/space continuum, and visited the store from the future. Or maybe an employee put it out early. Either way, the store’s manager very generously let Mary buy her washer and dryer for the much lower future price because of an employee’s mistake.

I just thought I would share this wonderful customer service story, as it seems there are never enough positive consumer stories anymore!

Recently, I went to a local Lowe’s store (in Glenwood Springs, CO) to buy a washer and dryer set for my new home. As we were sitting down waiting for some paperwork to be finished, I was perusing through the pile of papers on their waiting area table and happened upon a store flier that I noticed had a different price for the very set that I was buying! It was on the back page and discounted for hundreds of dollars off of the price I was going to pay in a few minutes. I looked around for other copies of the flier and could not find any, so I confusedly looked at the one in my hand and noticed that the dates at the bottom were in the future. This was next week’s flier that had been mistakenly placed out for public viewing ahead of schedule – and only one copy! I took it to my salesperson and showed her the much cheaper price of my washer and dryer, who then took the paper to her manager assuring me it was a mistake and I couldn’t get that price. However, the manager came out, apologized for whichever employee placed the flier out early, and told me he would sell the set to me at the future fliers price since it was their mistake for leaving it out! Not only did I get hundreds of dollars off my washer and dryer after the company fessed up and so honestly repaid their own mistake, but I saved enough from that discount to be able to buy the pedestals for my washer and dryer as well – and still save money overall! It was a great deal and I truly appreciate how the manager handled the situation and chose to abide by the flier’s advertised price.

Thank you Lowe’s, for brightening my holiday season already!

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