White Castle Couch Pouch: For When You've Really Given Up

Sure, there’s the Snuggie. If you’re the enterprising sort, there’s the homemade Snuggie. There’s even a Snuggie for your best friend. But when you’ve truly, truly given up on both physical activity and on life, forget a blanket with sleeves. That’s not hardcore enough. What you need is a sleeping bag with sleeves. White Castle is here to help.

White Castle’s answer to the Snuggie is not, as you might think, three tiny Snuggies that are only comfortable when you’re drunk or high. No. It is the secret hybrid of a fleece jacket and a sleeping bag. See, in a Snuggie, you can walk. There’s none of that nonsense with the Couch Pouch.

Couch Pouch [House of Crave]

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