Redbox Testing Higher Prices In Some Markets

Renting a DVD for $1 per day is a simple, easy-to-understand pricing scheme. But in some markets, Redbox kiosks are testing some new pricing plans. They will charge either $2 or $1.50 for the first night, and $1 for subsequent nights.

According to Adam at Your Money Relationship, a few weeks ago, the $2 price point is being tested in the Harrisburg, Penn. area, and the $1.50 price point in Albuquerque, N.M.

Is a possible nationwide price hike due to Redbox’s ongoing war with movie studios? Could be. If you use Redbox, would a 100% or 50% price increase affect your borrowing habits?

Redbox Tests $2 Per Night Rentals: Will You Still Rent? [Your Money Relationship]

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