Notorious Passenger Of Size Was Given A Full Row To Himself

A photo allegedly taken by a flight attendant that has been making its way around the internet has prompted an investigation of safety procedures by the FAA, says the New York Post.

NYP says:

Worried that the severely obese passenger would block the plane’s aisle in an emergency, American cleared out the normal-sized guy in the adjacent seat by offering him a ticket on a later flight.

“The passenger in this case had a whole row to himself,” said Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman Laura Brown.

Ms. Brown went on to confirm that no safety rules were violated, and that the flight had taken off from San Francisco. American Airlines has offered no further statement about the incident and there’s no word on whether or not a flight attendant did in fact take the photo and post it on the internet.

Should this man be able to fly on a plane? [NYP] (Thanks, Julie!)

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