CVS Challenges You To Explain Their Reverse Sale

Reader Kyle took this photo of a “discount” at CVS.

I snapped this photo in my local CVS (Tampa, FL) last night. They sure do give great prices with a CVS card!

We especially enjoy the way it challenges you to explain why you should pay more.

12-4-2009 3-46-09 PM.jpg


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  1. sappytrappy says:

    I wonder what the date of the white on is …

  2. Tim says:

    It’s a bit fuzzy in the photo, but it looks like the two tags have a different SKU. The one on the top looks like it ends in 4, and the bottom one looks like it ends in 8.

  3. Colonel Jack O'neill says:

    It’s 4.29, 3.99 with the card, there’s no problem.

    • Preyfar says:

      Normally, they don’t put the sale price on the standard sticker like that. The add-on usually has the “sale price”. It almost looks like they raised the standard price to make the “you pay” price cheaper.

      • almightytora says:

        The $4.29 is a “sale price” which is good until 12/31, apparently (above the $4.29). Still, a silly snapshot.

  4. detox98 says:

    Maybe it’s showing the price with tax!!

  5. PanCake BuTT says:

    Maybe it was an oversight, as it might be for the buyer…in a rush.

  6. d says:

    CVS aside, I wonder why companies continue to hire employees without enough of a brain to say to their manager “Ummm, hey – this seems a bit off… wanna check it?”

    And don’t get me started with that ‘card’ thing – either give me the damn savings, or don’t. I’m not producing any friggin card for you…

    • flyingember says:

      I worked at a place with a card. Each register had a stack of them. I tended to scan a random card for people if they didn’t have one. Some cards had 5-10 uses in a single day.

      Petsmart used the same UPC sequence so you could scan them too. I seem to remember I found a third company but I forget who it was now.

      • lehrdude says:

        Most cashiers at CVS just keep their own card behind the counter. and reap the Extra Bucks rewards at the end of each quarter…

        • rickhamilton620 says:

          Really? I know that at least at the stores i’ve worked at, it’s not possible for that to occur, unless you rang under someone else’s numbers which is a very bad idea.

    • morlo says:

      Just look at their aisles, though–hundreds of different tags that need to be changed at least every week. If you had a brain when hired it would quickly turn to mush, run out your nostril, and cause you to do more work mopping it up.

      • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

        When I was in high school (and dinosaurs roamed the earth), we didn’t have these new-fangled UPC codes. I worked in the photo department of a discount department store (give it up for Caldor, northeasterners!). Every item had a price sticker on it, and on Saturday nights after closing time, we added a sale tag to the things going on sale and took the sale tags off the things going “off sale”. But nowadays people can’t even handle putting up or taking down a single sale tag?

        Dumbing down of America indeed. And get off my lawn.

    • Rena says:

      I’ve been here before, and I can tell you exactly why the employees “don’t notice” such screwups. You notice, and you point it out to the manager. If you’re lucky, they thank you for pointing it out, and say they’ll do something about it, but never do get around to it. You aren’t authorized to fix it yourself, nor do you have access to the label maker. You do *not* want to be the whiner who points out the same mistake twice when your job is so easily replaceable, so when you continue to notice it, you don’t bother to point it out again. Eventually, someone who can actually do something about it notices, and possibly fixes it.

      These don’t go unnoticed, just the people who notice can’t fix it and the people who can fix it don’t remember.

  7. PsiCop says:

    Well, this is, after all, CVS … you know, the store that doesn’t know enough not to sell expired products. You think they actually bother to pay attention to simple arithmetic, if they already haven’t a clue how to check the calendar?

  8. SaraFimm says:

    Stores always raise the price of batteries during the Holidays, but “discount” them just a tiny bit. Not enough to have been the original price during the rest of the year, though.

    It’s one of those “ever notice” issues of regular prices being raised before a sale and then discounted slightly during the sale. Come by a month later and they’re back to their original price.

    Pet peeve of mine, but I guess someone makes money this way…

  9. soj4life says:

    Why didn’t the crew member (is that the right buzz word) ask their shift manager about the difference in prices? When I worked there 10 years ago we did.

  10. COBBCITY says:

    Why do I see to see “Remove 12/31” above the sale price of $4.29?? When was this photo taken?