Oil Company Promised To Melt Glaciers Back In 1962

1962! It was a great year if you like large cars, crinolines, the Kennedys, and strangely prescient oil company ads. Humble Oil, which eventually became part of the company we now know as Exxon, ran this ad in Life magazine, and it’s been making the rounds of the Internet since.

Humble Oil bragged that they produce enough oil to melt seven million tons of glaciers per day. Try to find an oil company that makes bold claims like that today!

Oil: enough energy to melt glaciers!
[Grist] (Thanks, Julie!)


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  1. Daemon Xar says:


    Next we’re going to find out through hacked telegraph messages that the scientists at Humble Oil were fluffing the numbers in 1962 and that the energy they supplied each days would only melt 6.9999999 millions tons of glacier, thereby debunking . . . oh, whatever the heck “they” want it to debunk.

  2. Winteridge2 says:

    I remember something about an Arab leader who had a huge glacier towed to his country by ship, with the intent of melting it down for fresh water. I think by the time it got there, it made an ice cube for 1 cocktail. Anyway, he gave that plan up.

  3. _hi_ says:

    Actually Daemon Xar: the oil companies stand to make tons of money when the global carbon taxes are put into place. Because they (global warming czars) are saying that C02 is bad for the planet (even though plants need C02 to live – source below) the carbon taxes will tell big oil companies they can only release so much C02 into the air thus reducing production of oil and in effect raising the price of oil.

    Google: What do plants breathe?

    I clicked on the 1st link which is below:

    • _hi_ says:

      More sources

      What is carbon taxes?

      Big Oil’s Answer to Carbon Law May Be Fuel Imports:

      In the above link big oil says they will close plants and import oil. Now that wont raise costs at all will it?

    • Daemon Xar says:

      So far as I can tell, there’s nothing we’ve ever done or will ever do that will actually hurt oil companies and their bottom lines. They’ll make a tidy profit out of everything. I don’t believe I said anything to the contrary.

      And I’m not sure what the relevance of what plants breathe is . . . virtually everything that’s good in certain quantities is bad in others. Water, for example, is healthy and important to carbon-based life. Unless there’s too much of it.