Radio Shack Opening Mobile Phone Kiosks In Target Stores

One problem I’ve always had when shopping for jacked-up prices is I can’t find enough crazy to go along with it. Same thing for the crazy: I know where to go to get cart-loads of that, but I can’t find the 2400% markup! What I need, clearly, is for Radio Shack to open up specialty kiosks inside Target stores, so then— oh hey! It’s the Bullseye Mobile Solution!

Radio Shack owns a company called Kiosk Operations Inc., and last month they opened kiosks in “about 100 Target stores in Minnesota, California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and Washington,” according to the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal. Sales have been good enough that now they’re expanding to all 1,700 Targets before the end of next year.

A Target spokeswoman told the paper, “This provides added convenience for our guests. They can do their Target shopping trip, grab some groceries and address any cell phone needs they may have.” And then she made “woop! woop!” noises and ran off while slapping the top of her head, while a Radio Shack employee asked the paper for its home phone number and address.

“Target taps RadioShack to run cell-phone depts.” [Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal via mocoNews]

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