Black Friday Sales Figures Almost Didn't Suck

Overall, Black Friday retail sales weren’t too bad, as shoppers sought deals on all sorts of products, focusing on computers (especially netbooks, if Consumerist readers are any indication), flat-panel televisions, and Snuggies. Sales were up slightly over last year nationwide, especially in the western United States, and online sales were up 35% over Black Friday 2008.

The decrease in the Northeast was likely not due to any kind of economic malaise, but the rainy weather.

Retailers registered about $10.66 billion in sales Friday, up 0.5% from a year ago, according to a report Saturday from sales and traffic tracking firm ShopperTrak.

Regionally, the firm said year-over-year Black Friday sales rose 4.7% in the West, increased 1.3% in the Midwest, edged up 0.6% in the South, but declined 4.9% in the Northeast, where there was rain in many sections.

Brisk Snuggie sales may seem unusual, but the blankets were on sale at Kmart for a low, low $9.99. Just don’t put them in the dryer.

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(Photo: kevinspencer)

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