Busting Myths About Black Friday And Cyber Monday

Black Friday isn’t really the top holiday shopping day of the season–the last Saturday before Christmas is. Today, we have Cyber Monday, when turkey-bloated office workers purportedly return to work and spend the day looking for deals online. But is Cyber Monday really the biggest online shopping day of the year? Well, no. Focus put some numbers together to clear up misconceptions about Americans’ online holiday shopping patterns.

The terms “Green Monday” and “Brown Monday” may be unfamiliar. Green Monday refers to the first Monday in December, typically the busiest online shopping day of the year. Brown Monday is the following week, and refers to when retailers start dramatic markdowns in order to move holiday merchandise out the doors. This year, when inventories are lower, Brown Monday will be less dramatic than the past few years.

Shedding Light on Cyber Monday [Focus]

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