Yes, You Can Shop Today If You Must

If turkey, football, pumpkin pie, a huge parade, and all of those great family members aren’t enough to keep you occupied today — or if you’re looking for an excuse to get away from all of those great family members — more stores than ever are open today, and some are even offering “Black Thursday” sweeteners to get you in before you slip into a tryptophan coma.

USA Today reports that Walmart will be opening most of its stores at 6:00am or earlier today, 700 Old Navy branches will be open and offering discounts, and Radio Shack will have 700 outlets open.

“They’re trying to eke every penny out of every day of the selling season,” says Wendy Liebmann, president of the consulting firm WSL Strategic Retail. “The more days they’re open, the more chance they have of pulling money out of our pockets.”

And if you need a drink after braving the stores, USA Today reports that TGI Fridays will also be open today.

More stores will be open on Thanksgiving this year []

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