Pep Boys Loses Your Keys, Doesn't Fix Your Car

Mike took his car to his local Pep Boys for some simple service. In the end, he might have been better off leaving the car in his driveway. He claims that the shop’s employees lost his only car key, then made excuses to leave his car without being repaired for days on end. He’s asking Consumerist for help.

I dropped my car off at a Pep Boys auto shop the other day for service. It was supposed to be a simple repair that wouldn’t take very long. Each day I would call in to check on the progress, but each time I got a vague answer and the promise of a call back. Three days later I find out that they lost the key to my car (luckily I didn’t leave any of my other keys with them).

So basically it turns out the car was never moved or worked on, and they were lying about the progress the whole time. I had to speak to a bunch of different employees before one of them let slip the news that they had lost the key and had never done any work on it.

Years ago, another reader had success using an EECB to get Pep Boys to honor his tire warranty. We’re not sure how many of the e-mail addresses that he used are still current, but the list does show us that the company’s e-mail format is Good luck.

Pep Boys Bilks Customer Over Tire Warranty Replacement
Pep Boys Apologizes For Bilking Customer Over Tire Warranty Replacement

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