Biz Owner Says FedEx Added 85 Pounds To Package Weight

Ross has a small business that routinely ships 10-pound packages, but says he was horrified to find out that FedEx has charged his account with a 95-pound package shipment.

His tale:

Wanted to give you a heads up regarding FedEx and POSSIBLE schilling of package weight. We have a discounted corporate account (small business), shipping mixed between US and World. The account is set-up for automatic billing to our Platinum Amex. We don’t regularly check the FedEx details, tonight we did. In almost every instance there was multiple and I mean multiple of gross weight.

Our packages are NEVER weigh more than 10lbs. In one instance a package we shipped was 9lbs, FedEx shows as 95lbs! That’s not a typo. We’ve already informed Amex to investigate and dispute every charge on our account from FedEx YTD. We are not conspiracy theorists but this looks very odd because of the consistency. Do you know of other people and businesses that have had these issues with FedEx? Any suggestions? Bottom line is that we are so pissed about what seems like blatant theft that we are ready to got to the media.

If anyone knows how Ross can most effectively dispute the charge with FedEx, please leave your advice in the comments.

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