Freya Sings In Swedish To Get Volvo To Replace Faulty Transmission

Using a Viking helmet, her blog, and the dulcet sounds of her original Swedish folklore compositions, Freya Svensson is waging a war against Volvo, and winning.

Freya’s been documenting on her blog her attempts to get Volvo to pay for her transmission. After this video went up, Bill Casey, the Manager of Customer Care at Volvo North America in New Jersey called her. He said Volvo was committed to working with her and getting to the bottom of the problem with her car and finding a solution. Bill also said he liked her hat.

Just goes to show that being a little creative and using online self-publishing techniques you can get an unresponsive company to listen to you. Now let’s see if they live up to their word. No doubt Freya will keep us posted on her blog,

(Thanks to Chris!)

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