Freya Sings In Swedish To Get Volvo To Replace Faulty Transmission

Using a Viking helmet, her blog, and the dulcet sounds of her original Swedish folklore compositions, Freya Svensson is waging a war against Volvo, and winning.

Freya’s been documenting on her blog her attempts to get Volvo to pay for her transmission. After this video went up, Bill Casey, the Manager of Customer Care at Volvo North America in New Jersey called her. He said Volvo was committed to working with her and getting to the bottom of the problem with her car and finding a solution. Bill also said he liked her hat.

Just goes to show that being a little creative and using online self-publishing techniques you can get an unresponsive company to listen to you. Now let’s see if they live up to their word. No doubt Freya will keep us posted on her blog,

(Thanks to Chris!)


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  1. JulesNoctambule says:

    Ah, it’s a Ford Fauxvo. Well, ma’am — I think we’ve found your problem!

    And now I’m going to give my 1992 940 sedan a hug for being such a good car and running so well.

    • EdK says:

      @JulesNoctambule: That’s the last good Volvo model ever made.

      • hotdogsunrise says:

        @EdK: I had a 1995 940. The gas mileage was awesome and it never gave me problems with necessary parts. The things that broke (cruise control, air conditioning) were parts that often break on older cars. And, even though the wind-shield washer fluid system somehow broke, a tire place messed around with it until it worked. Didn’t charge me for it because they weren’t sure how long it would last. … Lasted for well over three years!

    • rpm773 says:

      @JulesNoctambule: We had a 1981 240 that drove me to kindergarten, and that I drove to my last exam senior year of undergrad, some 17 years later.

      It was a sad day when I turned it over to the Lung Association to have it towed away.

    • ktetch says:

      @JulesNoctambule: DAmn you! I miss my 89 340 really bad now. Still sitting in England. I want to bring it stateside, but I don’t have the money. Sure, some people don’t like them, but they’re solid, big (and small) dependable, comfy, and RWD!. I should also mention the brakes on it, even with just a 1.4 engine, are bigger than the ones on a chrysler town+country.

      I actually won’t mind a Euro spec V70 (either t5 or R), preferably the first shape with the flat sides, although the 2nd gen isn’t too bad. It has to have manual gears though. The new one can F*** off and die.

  2. Trai_Dep says:

    Shouldn’t the room she’s performing in be a bit colder, for verisimilitude?

  3. Wang_Chung_Tonight says:

    when you can’t beat’m…

    confuse the hell outta them.

  4. GitEmSteveDave_HazEnvy says:

    Sorry Freya, but thanks to Flavor Flav, a viking helmet no longer holds the respect it used to.

  5. Liam Kinkaid says:

    Today I learned a new word in Swedish: “Transmission”. It means “transmission”.

  6. diasdiem says:

    She and the “United Breaks Guitars” guy should hook up.

  7. silver-bolt says:

    Her name is legitimately Freya? Viking Credit +1

  8. TomMelee says:

    Heh looks like I win this thread. I’m currently driving a 1979 245DL wagon, 4 speed manual with push-button overdrive. She runs like an absolute top and everything is original and works great. The best part? I bought her in June, on Craigslist, for $200. 12 gallon gas tank is mildly frustrating, but I fill up once every two weeks driving it daily. I will definitely buy another volvo—for those who don’t know, any volvo with a letter BEFORE the number is a ford volvo, any with the letter AFTER the number is an original.

  9. Forty2 says:

    1991 240 5spd here. 146,000 miles and just getting broken (borken?) in.

    Pretty much any post-Ford Volvo is asking for trouble, though a friend of mine has a 2005 S40 that seems to be holding up OK. Can’t wait to see what their new Chinese paymasters will inflict… how about a 2011 resurrection of the 240, Geely? I’m sure China could use a tough, grunty car like that for the hinterlands.