Save The Earth And Your Yuppie Cred With Reusable Starbucks Cup

Do you enjoy Starbucks chilled beverages, but hate the waste that comes from so many disposable plastic cups? Do you also want to keep your friends and co-workers from knowing about your secret environmentalist tendencies? Maybe you should consider purchasing the reusable Starbucks cold cup, a sturdy plastic tumbler made to look just like its flimsier, single-use cousins.

The cups are extremely, inexplicably popular. The holiday edition, featuring a candy cane-striped straw, has already sold out online, can barely stay on the shelves in Starbucks stores, and sells for a significant markup on eBay.

(Of course, if you’re looking for a way to reuse your disposable coffee cups, you could always attach them to your car roof.)

Grande To Go Holiday Cold Cup [Starbucks] (Thanks, Naomi!)

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