Does Convincing McDonald's To Make Chicken Selects For Breakfast Prove You Were Sober?

This summer a woman in an SUV drove almost two miles down the wrong way of an expressway before killing eight people in a horrible crash. The autopsy suggests she was drunk and high at the time, but her family says that isn’t possible and to prove it, they say she was sober enough to convince McDonald’s to make her son an order of Chicken Selects in the morning, right before the accident.

The family of Michael Bastardi, 81, and his son, Guy, 49, who were killed in the SUV, is suing the Schulers, saying Diane’s morning bender caused the crash. But Thomas Ruskin, a private investigator hired by the Schulers, says she was sober all morning and it wasn’t a drunken binge that led to the accident.

The proof is in McDonald’s, Ruskin says. The investigator told the Daily News that Diane Schuler put in a complex order at the food chain – Chicken Selects, a food not normally served at breakfast – for her son, Bryan. She had to convince the cashier to put it through, reports the News, which required some conversational skills.

“Diane Schuler was very engaging,” Ruskin told the paper. “She was so engaging she was able to convince the McDonald’s employees to make Bryan Schuler Chicken Selects at 9:40 in the morning.”

And she spoke with employees for some time, Ruskin added, so they would’ve been able to tell if there was something amiss.

“They say that there was absolutely nothing wrong with her,” he told the News.

Do you have to be sober to pull this sort of fast food maneuver?

Taconic Mom Wasn’t Drunk in McDonald’s Before Crash: Investigator [NBC]

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