Hungry Guy Says Online Pizza Hut Coupon Doesn't Work

Tempted by a commercial he saw during a football game, Dave decided to order a 1-topping carry out pizza online for $6.99. But every time he entered the order, the internet kept telling him he had to pay $14.74.

Thus infuriated and pizza-less, Dave has penned an open letter to Pizza Hut:

OK, Pizza Hut…I saw your ad about 20 times Sunday while watching football. You got me, I want a pizza.

Too bad your site can’t make good on the deals in your TV ads.

The deal is supposed to be a large 1-topping pizza for carryout @ $6.99. I went to your site and found the coupon that matched the ad. I added the coupon to my order. I ordered a large 1-topping pizza for carryout.

No matter how I tried the order (pizza first then coupon, coupon first then pizza), it would not work properly. I went all the way through the checkout process and still no love for your own coupon. The confirmation email about my order didn’t even mention the coupon!

I thought about emailing you, Pizza Hut, to complain about your site, but you don’t provide an email address for doing that. You want me to fill out a form on a webpage and there’s no place for attachments.

Sorry, but I don’t have time to debug that part of your site, too.

Dave’s screenshot seems to be proof that the site recognizes his coupon but just didn’t give him the discount. Has anyone else had difficulty getting the $6.99 offer or using other Pizza Hut coupon codes?

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