US Airways Pilot Pulls Plane Over To Kick Off Unruly Passenger

A 49-year-old Scottish man with an injured arm grew angry at the crew on his US Airways flight to London last night, so he demanded they turn the plane around and take him back to Philadelphia. Instead, the pilot, who has had it up to here with you kids, landed the plane at Logan International Airport in Boston and had him removed.


The flight was heading from Philadelphia to London when a verbal altercation occurred between Murray and the flight crew. Murray had some type of arm or hand injury which required a splint. He refused to move the bandaged limb out of the aisle despite several requests from the flight crew, according to Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk district attorney’s office.

“Mr. Murray allegedly became belligerent, stood up, and demanded to be brought back to Philadelphia,” Wark said.

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(Photo: eisenbahner)

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