AmEx Sends Legal Notice Warning Of Random Denials

Steve says American Express sent him an off-putting letter letting him know it could refuse to authorize his charge at any time. He writes:

I received my Delta Skymiles American Express card invoice which included an “important legal notice”. Among the four pages of changes to the terms, I thought this one was most disturbing:

“We reserve the right to deny any request for authorization for a Charge, even if the Charge would not cause you to exceed your credit line or Cash Advance limit and even if your Account is current and not in default.”

They also advised they were increasing my credit limit by 40%. Which is ironic, since they state above that they may or may not let me use that credit regardless of how timely I am with my payments.

Good to know that AmEx is claiming the rights to make you look like a freeloading loser at restaurants when the waiter returns your card to you with a solemn head shake. I imagine the warning only applies to nefarious card uses, such as online poker and The Twilight Sage: New Moon ticket purchases, but you never know.

Hey, AmExers, have you gotten a similar shot across the bow?

(Photo: frankieleon)

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