Something To Do While Unemployed: Serve On A Jury

Did you know you can volunteer to serve on a jury? Apparently you can, says the New York Post. Unemployment is up and suddenly people are calling the New York courts and asking to serve.

From the NYP:

“People are calling up, saying, ‘Look, I lost my job; now would be a good time for me to serve,’ ” said Vincent Homenick, chief clerk of the jury division for Manhattan. “Not that $40 will pay the bills, but it’s something.”

Homenick said he has gotten about 20 calls since May from folks asking if they could become jurors — far more than normal.

“The jury pool is also more diverse than normal right now,” he said. “We’re getting a lot of Wall Streeters and other professionals. It’s not your typical jury of civil servants.”

Not all courts take volunteers, but if you have nothing better to do, why not?

Jury duty? Pick me, please! [NYP]
(Photo:hans s)

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