Read Disclaimer Before Taking GameStop Offer

Jeremiah is happy he double-checked a strange GameStop ad that lists games eligible for an offer that lets you trade two games in to get certain new releases for $20 or New Super Mario Bros. Wii for $10.

After the list of eligible games, there’s an addendum that says some of the games on the list aren’t eligible. It’s tough to think of a reason GameStop doesn’t just release another ad that takes the ineligible games off the list.

Jeremiah writes:

I was all set to head down to my local Gamestop to take advantage of their “Trade 2” offer.

I had Prototype for PS3 and House of the Dead for Wii in hand to trade in, but thought I should print out the listing showing their eligibility before I headed out.

Good thing I did…although House of the Dead is listed in the main listing (red,) they’ve added a disclaimer at the bottom indicating that it (and numerous other titles) are ‘no longer eligible.’

As if it would have been too much effort to just edit the main listing that customers are going to look at?

I expect they were hoping people would show up and be forced to pay full price for the new game they were expecting to trade in the 2 titles for.

Not sure if this technically qualifies as bait and switch since they DO technically inform you that the title is ineligible…but it still seems kind of shady…and something I’m not surprised GameStop would try to pull.

So, Consumerists, do you think GameStop is attempting a bait-and-switch for non-thorough readers?

(Photo: Marike79)