Walmart Security Guard Gets Head-butted, Sat On, Peed On

It was a rough day at the office for a Michigan Walmart security guard last week. The Muskegon News reports a guard was physically abused and humiliated as he tried to stop two female shoplifters from making off with some goods that they found priced too high.

Things started getting crazy when the guard tried to block one of the women from entering the passenger’s seat of the getaway vehicle. Reporter Heather Lynn Peters writes:

At that point, Cole “head butted” the security guard, who fell backward into the vehicle, Regan said.

“The bottom of the body fell into the passenger’s seat and the front part in the back of the car,” Regan said. “Then she sat on him. He grabbed his phone and called 911, but she fought for the phone and then urinated on him.”

And then the women drove off with the security guard before police eventually caught them.

Once you’re out in the parking lot, blocking someone from entering her car, maybe you deserve what you get. The local justice system apparently agrees, charging both women with robbery but not with kidnapping or aggravated assault.

The court that really matters, though, is that of public opinion. Is there any sympathy out there for the zealous security guard? Or did he have it coming?

Police: Security guard head-butted, sat on, driven away at Wal-Mart [Muskegon News]
(Photo: k.james)
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