MPAA Shuts Down Town's Free Muni WiFi Over 1 Download

The MPAA forced the town Coshocton, OH to shut down their entire free municipal WiFi network because of a single instance of a single user illegally downloading a copyrighted movie. Here are some of the many other things the town used to use the network for:

Mike LaVigne, IT director, said the number of people who access the Internet using the connection varies widely, from perhaps a dozen people a day to 100 during busy times such as First Fridays and the Coshocton Canal Festival.
It’s used by Coshocton County Sheriff’s deputies who can park in the 300 block and complete a traffic or incident report without leaving their vehicle. Out-of-town business people can park and use their laptops to make connections.

During festival times, vendors find it a convenience to check the status of credit cards being used to make purchases, LaVigne said.

Because it’s a single address used by many people, it’s difficult to tell who made the illegal download, although the county plans to investigate the matter.

Illegal movie download forces shutdown of free Wi-Fi [Coschton Tribune via BoingBoing] (Photo: ashestoages)

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