Top Posts Of The Week And Open Thread


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  1. MostlyHarmless says:


    Life’s a bitch. It will set you up with the shiniest, coolest, spiffiest wireless internet tablet you can imagine with super sweet apps for anything you want… and then put you in a dead zone. Without a recharging point. Oh, and while it is at it, it will also break your paws so you can’t walk around for a signal either.

    Thats all.


  2. Smashville says:

    If you order nasty smelly lunch and I am at the front desk…at least have the courtesy to come get it within…I dunno…an hour?

  3. catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

    ok, the last few times i have posted adoptable kitty pictures here, the kitties got adopted over the weekend. so you guys are the rescue’s good luck charm… or something

    this week’s adoptable kitten pics:
    introducing jayden, julius [orange] and [snow white] blizz

    poor blizz was hit by a car and found in a parking lot, here’s her first baby pic [she’s much better now]

  4. ovalseven says:

    I know that merchants aren’t allowed to set a minimum amount for in-store credit card purchases. Does this apply to online shopping too?

    Amie Street charged me $3 for a $1.50 album, since $3 is their minimum price for credit card purchases. I accepted it and now have a $1.50 credit on my account toward a future purchase.

  5. theblackdog says:

    I’m going to bite the bullet and try online dating again because I’ve grown tired of the fact that many of the folks I know center their whole social lives around certain bars.

    Any recommendations on dating sites where the folks want to do more with their friday nights than just sit at the bar and chat with their friends?

  6. pop top says:

    This weekend should be lots of fun. Going to a wine tasting at the local cider mill, playing some D&D, hanging with some friends tonight. I’m also going to my mom’s tonight to dig through the attic and the crawlspace to see if I can find any of my old toys, specifically my Ghostbusters proton pack and ghost trap (see here: []). Maybe some My Little Ponies too. Who knows? :-D

    I also did my first big craft project this week; I made one of those knotted fleece blankets. It was a lot of fun, but it’s challenging when you have a place that’s too small for a dining table. I had to do everything on the floor. But it was a great success.

  7. nbs2 says:

    So I decided to read the Wheel of Time series about a month ago. I’ve finished the prologue through about 150 pages left in the third book (yeah, I have a long commute on the train).

    Just so I know what I’ve gotten myself into, am I reading The Days of Out Lives, Geek Edition?

    • hewhoroams says:

      @nbs2: It is really a great series, and I actually like it that some of them are longer.
      The series itself starts to lag a little around 8,9,10, but knife of dreams was good and I finished Gathering storm in about 14 hours. It was the best book I’ve read in a really long time.
      In Summary, it’s a great read and very time consuming, which is generally the point of reading.

    • Dustbunny says:

      @nbs2: The 1st 3-4 books of WOT were terrific. I really thought Robert Jordan would be the next Tolkien. But around book 5, the series started dragging IMO. I kept wondering why Jordan’s editor didn’t try to get him to move the story along faster but then I read his wife was his editor which explains a lot :)And apparently Brandon Sanderson, who’s finishing up the series, will take at least 3 books to do so. Aarggh.

  8. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    See if I can get this img tag thing to work …. bears:

  9. thesadtomato says:

    I’m really surprised and disappointed that the Consumerist didn’t post on the Philadelphia SEPTA strike. I understand it’s a regional thing, but you guys did the 2005 NYC strike and this one looks like it isn’t going to be resolved today, possibly not over the weekend, either.

    This strike has been hell, I can tell you. I would think the commentors here would have interesting things to say about what the strikers are striking for, and commuting/transit in general.

  10. katstermonster says:

    Wheeeeeee open thread! :) This weekend should be a fun one…

    Tonight I’m gonna correct some papers, write a few essays for fellowship applications, and make some yummy stuffed shells. Yee-haw.

    Tomorrowwwwww I’m getting another piercing! I haven’t decided what yet, but it will most likely be an industrial. I have helix and tragus piercings (one of each) in my left eat, I’ll have to remove the helix to put in the industrial, because my right ear doesn’t have enough cartilage for an industrial. In my right ear, I already have a rook and a conch. (Go here for a diagram, it’s easier than my explaining: []) My friend is going, too, and getting a conch piercing. I figure I have another 3 1/2 years of grad school, I may as well enjoy my ability to get pierced, etc. Also, some of my friends are testing for various degrees of black belt (I did taekwondo for over a decade), so I’m gonna go watch that.

    Sunday….back to the lab to do work. :( Lame. But only one day of work this weekend, yay!

    • pop top says:

      @katstermonster: Industrials are so cool. I’d love to get another piercing (had an eyebrow one for three years), but I really hate needles and tattoos are more of my thing anyway.

      I’ve always wondered how they come up with the names for the piercings…

  11. RecordStoreToughGuy_RidesTheWarpOfSpaceIntoTheWombOfNight says:

    I just got over a cold and now I feel like I am coming down with the flu.

    Grr. Aarg.


  12. katia802 says:

    Unfortunately, I won’t be able to be online this weekend, (kid and hubby will be on my comp) so here’s my rant. Feel free to ignore this.

    Took hubby to an orthopedic surgeon this week, he’s got a herniated disc, and a torn disc in his back, been out of work since july. Surgeon, when informed that hubby has no feeling on the last three toes, and that half of his foot, says “Oh, you don’t need those toes anyway, it doesn’t matter!!!” Now I have to find another doc for him again.

    Okay, food part….Anybody ever heard of Primani’s in Pgh? Had a pastrami & cheese for lunch, and am still so full I can barely move! (for those of you who haven’t heard of it, Primani’s puts coleslaw, tomatoes and french fries on their sandwiches)

    Catastrophe, wish I lived closer to you, would love to meet that beautiful orange kitty, he looks like a doll!

    Happy bday Kimaroo

    happy weekend everyone!

  13. dragonfire81 says:

    Why do so many people not bother to sign their credit cards these days? The number of unsigned cards I see at work is staggering. Do these people not know that anyone could take their card, sign it and go on a shopping spree?

    Apparently some people really didn’t don’t give a crap about identity theft.

    • morlo says:

      @dragonfire81: Many places let you just swipe your card yourself without signing anything, so the signature on the back is somewhat obsolete

      • dragonfire81 says:

        @morlo: I believe you still have to sign for most credit transactions though. I am aware that some places won’t have you sign if it’s under a certain amount.

  14. Smashville says:

    Running my first 5k after beginning my running program tomorrow. I’ve entered them and walked them numerous times, but I’ll be running essentially half of this one…so a wee nervous.

    • hotdogsunrise says:

      @Smashville_now with Monster Energy: Don’t be nervous. Remember these two things:
      1) If you truly cannot run anymore, you can walk. You know that already.
      2) Don’t worry about your time. But mark it down! You’ll be better next time and it’s nice when you break your old time.

      Enjoy it!

  15. Smashville says:

    For my next rantily rant…

    When you are calling somewhere and have an extension and a LIVE PERSON answers…DO NOT DIAL THE EXTENSION IN THEIR EAR.

  16. EtherealFlame says:

    This weekend I will be attending a vigil for the people that were killed in the Fort Hood shootings and helping my ex-husband cope with the loss of one of his friends.