How To Make Your PS3 Stream Netflix

Netflix isn’t dragging its feet as it sets up its on demand streaming service on the PlayStation 3. After announcing the feature last week, Netflix has started sending out discs that let PS3 owners with Netflix subscriptions partake in the streaming.

If you’ve got a Netflix subscription and a PS3, click on this link and Netflix will get a disc out to you for free. There’s no need to prove you’ve got a PS3. Netflix trusts you.

Sometime next year you’ll be able to download a PS3 program that does away with the need for the disc, so at that point you’ll be able to try and sell it on eBay to stupid people.

Instant Streaming Disc [Netflix, via Joystiq]
(Photo: Netflix)


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  1. idip says:

    I get my disc today!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

    • Joewithay says:

      @idip: Same Here :)

      • Cyberxion101 says:

        @Joewithay: Me too. I’ve got Netflix on my 360, but I’m afraid to use it all that much, lest the poor thing overheat and die. Now maybe I’ll actually use it.

        Well, as much as I possibly can use it before I hit the limit of Comcast’s cap. :P

    • ethereal_pete says:

      @idip: I have streaming on my home pc, work pc and, given that I am the bestest friend evar, I allowed my friend who doesn’t have netflix to use my account. From my understanding, you can only have 3 streaming devices per account. Looks like I have a tough decision to make.

    • tonberry says:

      mine too, i can’t wait to see how it compares to the xbox version. maybe i can drop live.

    • lawnmowerdeth says:

      @idip: Me too. Can’t wait to try it out tonight!

  2. GMFish says:

    Does anyone else think it’s bizarre that we need to get up off of our couches and insert discs to stream content off the web? I can’t understand why Sony/Netflix just didn’t wait for the official download release.

    It reminds me of when Sony was selling DRM-free mp3s, but made you get in your car, drive to a store, and buy a physical card. You had to drive back to your house and then log on and use the card to get those mp3s.

    • PunditGuy says:

      @GMFish: Speculation is that this is a clever way for Netflix to get around its timed exclusive with the 360. If Sony had made the software available on PSN, Netflix would be violating its contract with Microsoft. If, on the other hand, the streaming were to take place on a Blu-ray player (the software is BD-Java) that just happened to be the PS3, that’s another thing entirely.

  3. 7thton says:

    It is because Netflix has s deal with Xbox whereby Xbox can be the only gaming console able to access Netflix straight from the Xbox’s OS via a widget. The PS3 streaming will be done through Blu Ray Live technology, thus working around the Xbox deal. When the Xbox deal expires, then you’ll see the PS3 widget.

  4. MIAMIFROST says:

    PS3 FTW !!!

  5. Jeangenie says:

    I love Netflix streaming on our XBox. At first it was all crappy movies, but lately they have had some really good titles–especially TV series including British ones.

    • drizzt380 says:

      I love the British TV series they get on there. Newer Doctor Who, older Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers, The IT Crowd. I’m sure there was another one but I can’t remember.

  6. AvatarofBelle says:

    This netflix streaming option was the item that pushed me into buying a PS3. I had been looking for a deal on one of the blu ray dvd players that could streawm netflix. But this deal pretty much blows one of those devices out of the water. Now I can play blu ray discs, play ps3 games, stream netflix and browse the internet on one machine.

  7. diasdiem says:

    Now if I could just stream Hulu directly with my PS3. I can do it with PlayOn, but it’s just so clunky.

    • oldschoolconservative says:

      I believe you can stream Hulu using Tversity which, in my experience, is much more relieable than Playon. You can download and try the pro version for as long as you like. They would like you to pay for it if you decide to keep using it.

  8. catskyfire says:

    Which still leaves me to decide whether to go Xbox360 or PS3….

    • mac-phisto says:

      @catskyfire: do you game? if not, ps3 is the clear winner as it doubles as a blu-ray player (it pains me to say that). if you do, the decision is much more difficult as both systems now have a variety of exclusive games that could leave you yearning one way or another.

      i have a 360, but one thing i really like about the ps3 is the ability to download & play your friends’ DL content. this allows you to stretch your gaming dollar by sharing games (all you have to do is have the other person log onto your ps3 & download the games they own that you want to play – voila!).

  9. PlumeNoir - Thank you? No problem! says:

    I *love* my netflix on my 360, except for one thing: the 360 sits in my bedroom, so it seems like there is always someone in there watching it (and I’m too lazy to move it to another room).

    But the PS3 sits in the living room, and I received the email yesterday that my PS3 disc will arrive today. Since it’s free (unlike having to pay for XBL Gold), I have no problems using a disk in the PS3 for the time being.

  10. roguemarvel says:

    I’m so excited to get my disk today. I like to watch TV and play games on pc or surf or get work done at the same time and I can’t stream netflix at the same time as I’m working on the PC. Now i can catch up on the shows and movies and multi task on my pc

  11. osiris73 says:

    I’ve tried to get the disk several times, but when I go to sign up to get one, it just has me to enter my email address so they can tell me when streaming is available for the PS3. As soon as they prove to me that I can stream via my PS3 I will sign up, but telling me I can sign up to get the disk to do so, then taking me to a page where I CAN’T get the disk that will allow me to do so is bullshit. The link supplied in this article takes me to the same email sign-up page, fyi.

    • golddog says:

      @osiris73: When I entered my addy in that page, it said “we’ll let you know when it’s available”, and then got a notice that it was shipping. Note though that if you have an account where you split queues with someone else, the “secondary” person can’t sign up for the disc or activate it once you get it. Make sure you’re logged in as the primary.

  12. martymankins says:

    Guess I finally need to run that ethernet cable downstairs into the PS3.

    My disk will arrive today! Yes! Been waiting for this for a while.

  13. brainswarm says:

    I got the disc today and tried it out. The first show I watched, an episode of “Keeping Up Appearances”, had framerate and audio syncing problems, but the second show, an episode of “Dexter”, worked just fine.

  14. theothered says:

    I also received the PS3 disc today. Using a 10MB cable download speed it ran episodes “Weeds” perfectly in a HD widescreen format.

    Now if we can just get Hulu added…