Game Consoles, Dolls And Wooden Dogs Are The Best Toys Ever

Did you play with a Slinky growing up? Well, that makes you a loser, because your toy didn’t make Good Housekeeping‘s Yahoo list of the greatest toys ever made.

Winners include my full-time childhood caretaker, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the creepy stalker known as Furby and adorable, overfed Cabbage Patch Kids.

There’s even room for a weird dog on wheels that used to please kids of the 1920s, back before fun was invented. But no Slinky, because it lacked dog, wood, wheels and the ability to play Tecmo Bowl.

Them, of course, be debatin’ words. So let’s have it, commenters — what’s your favorite toy ever?

The Best Toys of All Time [Yahoo, via Kotaku]
(Photo: Yahoo)

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