Happy Comcast Employees Make Customers Happier

Want to know the secret to Comcast’s success? No, it’s not high rates, poor service or random porn broadcasts. It’s much more basic: The company’s employees just love working there, and want to share their love with customers. Yay!

According to The Boston Globe, Comcast has:

…a corporate philosophy that aims to have even its subscribers love the cable giant as much as workers do. The underlying principle is simple: Happy employees make happy customers. “Everything is delivered through our employees,” said Stephen L. Hackley, senior vice president for the Greater Boston region. “If employees are satisfied and happy, it comes through on the phones, it comes through in the field. They are the difference makers.”

Some of those cheerful “difference makers” gushed to the Globe about their great jobs — and about how great it is to be serving those happy customers. “I have more freedom and more responsibility, and as long as I don’t make any mistakes, no one is on my back,” said James Mendes, a field technician. “I’m allowed to fix all the problems and make the customer happy. I’ve never been happier.”

The Globe recently named Comcast, which has 4,000 employees in Massachusetts, the top place to work in the state. The cable giant beat out employers like Harmonix Music, which makes a little game called Rock Band, and Google, which gives all employees FREE FOOD — because of little things like a 401k match, flexible shifts, and policies that encourage them to become “discerning consumer advocates.” We assume the free porn and comfy customer couches are just icing on the happy, happy cake.

A cable company that listens [The Boston Globe]

(Photo: Eli Hodapp)

(Thanks, Jimmy!)

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