Reader: "Paid My T-Mobile Bill, Saw Some Boobs"

Reader Andrew has an interesting problem: whenever he logs onto T-Mobile’s website to pay his bill, T-Mobile flashes him.

UPDATE: More customers are having this problem, and have sent in their pictures. See “T-Mobile Surprise Porn Not An Isolated Incident

Andrew writes:

I have my cell phone service with T-Mobile. This past weekend, I received a e-mail from them saying that my new bill was ready to be viewed and paid for. Being the expeditious person that I am, I logged in to T-Mobile’s website, whipped out my trusty credit card, and paid my bill online that same day. In doing so, I made a mental note to print out a copy of the bill for my records on Monday morning when I got to work (where I have a printer access). A little on the anal-retentive side I’d agree with you, but whatever.

Anyways, I logged into the T-Mobile website this morning to do all of this, and attached to this e-mail is a screen shot of my profile page after I finished logging in. Notice anything odd at the bottom of the page, perhaps in the right hand side of the screen, where it says “Connect with MobileLife”? 😉

I assure you that I don’t upload pictures of topless women to my T-Mobile account, and that those pictures weren’t from my camera phone (which I don’t use, and even if I did, look at what type of phone I have! That crappy Razr couldn’t take anywhere near that sort of clarity that those shots provide.)

We asked Andrew for his phone number so T-Mobile could look up his account when we asked them for comment, and when he wrote back to provide it, he also included another screenshot, with a different picture, from later in the day.

We sent these pictures to T-Mobile and asked if they knew anything about it. They didn’t: “T-Mobile is looking into it and investigating the situation.” We asked if they’d heard of this happening before, and they said it was “not common.” T-Mobile customers, has this recently happened to you? Let us know.