Baby Too Boring? Watch The Neighbor's Baby With This Monitor

If you buy the Summer Infant Day and Night Video Monitor, you might want to make sure your neighbors haven’t also got one, or else they’ll have a secret window into your newborn’s room.

That’s what a man in Illinois claims, and he’s suing the manufacturer for selling him the $100 device without a warning that its video feed is somehow shareable to other devices:

“This gives rise to serious safety and privacy concerns for consumers who have unwittingly purchased and are using the monitors believing that in doing so, their children and household members are safe and in the privacy of their home when, in fact, by virtue of the monitors’ capabilities, they are not.”

The man says he tried to get a refund from the manufacturer, Summer Infant, but they refused and told him to buy a more expensive model if he wanted security.

“Baby Video Monitor Lets Neighbors Snoop On One Another, Class Claims” [Courthouse News Service]

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