Even In Death, You Can Still Shop At Walmart

Walmart now provides for their customers from cradle to grave. Quite literally—since you can not only purchase cribs there, you can now order caskets and funerary urns from the mega-retailer’s Web site.

The caskets and urns are made in the USA by Star Legacy Funeral Network, Inc., which also supplies coffins to Overstock.com and Costco. (Funeral homes are required by law to let families supply their own caskets or urns.) They are delivered via FedEx within 48 hours of ordering, and can be delivered directly to the funeral home.

Or, like my family’s former pastor, you can buy your coffin early, store it in your home, and freak out your neighbors when you move.

Walmart’s caskets cost between $1,000 and $3,100. They are not returnable.

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