SIGG Responds: Yes, The $50,000 Gift Certificate Was Intentional

Last week, we posted the experience of a SIGG customer who received a $50,000 gift certificate credit for the BPA-riddled water bottles she mailed back to SIGG as part of their massive exchange program. SIGG contacted us to clarify what was going on. To sum up: it’s intentional and meant to expedite customers’ exchanges. And they’ll catch you if you try to abuse it, you jerks.

On behalf of SIGG, I want to take a moment to respond to your recent post.
Since we launched our Voluntary Exchange Program back in August, we have received thousands of exchange requests. We quickly realized that issuing individual coupon codes was delaying the process and resulting in many frustrated customers. To improve our customer service response time, we began issuing daily batch codes. This is the reason for the large credit balance that some people are seeing after redeeming their codes.

Each consumer is told what their individual exchange value is. We also review each order before it leaves our warehouse to ensure that it accurately matches that value. If it does not, we do not ship it. Our systems ensure that consumers get the value they are owed.

Some of the comments on your site encourage people to order bottles to which they are not entitled. Thankfully this has not been an issue to date. Attempts to abuse the system will only delay our ability to issue valid replacement bottles.

We are making every effort to deliver solid customer service and do the right thing on this issue. We have allocated significant resources and are constantly improving processes to try to streamline this program. That said, we are still catching up. And we appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding.

As a small company, we are doing our very best every day and we will work tirelessly until every order is processed appropriately.

Robert Rheaume
General Manager

Given the number of complaints about delayed exchanges we’re received, it’s good to hear that the company is instituting measures to speed things up. Even if seeing a gift card balance of 50 grand is initially confusing for customers.

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