Verizon Keeps On Billing Guy Who Canceled Service

Gregory canceled Verizon, but Verizon didn’t cancel him. The company kept on billing him every month, and every month he’d call to get the charges wiped away, which the CSR promptly did.

The problem kept continuing, though, and now Verizon sent the phantom bill to collections. He writes:

I am contacting you because I really could use some help with Verizon high speed internet and phone. My (now) wife and I moved out of our old apartment on 6/15/09, and notified Verizon that we were canceling our service effective immediately.

Every month since then, Verizon has continued to try and bill us for either the phone, the internet, or both services. Every month, I call them and get the charges waived and the account closed again. Every month, they fail to close the account and another month’s bill shows up.

This month, Verizon decided to send the bill to a collection agency. So now this is negatively affecting my credit report, not to mention that I still have to deal with this month by month. At this point, “IC Systems” is handling the debt so I assume Verizon is no longer going to work with me on resolving this.

What should Gregory do? Maybe send an Executive Email Carpet Bomb to the company’s top brass?

(Photo: Matt McGee)

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