Free Groceries Outweigh Coupon Shame

Impatient fellow shoppers huffing and puffing behind you are a small price to pay if it means free groceries. Slate dove into the world of hardcore couponing to uncover the secrets of the coupon all-stars. For instance, do you rock the Catalinas?

Use “Catalinas” right then and there- coupons that come out of the register when you buy certain items and are used like cash on your next purchase. Guess what? That next purchase is now. Use the Catalinas right away.

Combine store sales with coupons – If it’s on sale for $1 and you have a $1 off coupon, you just got it free.

Find coupons online – Get started at sites like There’s a million of them out there. So…

Narrow your search – Find a coupon blog that deals with your local area.

Results may vary – Cashiers with different training, or in different moods, may react unevenly to certain coupon combo moves.

What are your favorite coupon tricks?

Supermarket Sweep – Using coupons to get free groceries [Slate] (Thanks to Joanne!) (Photo: laurgasm)

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