DirecTV Resurrects Chris Farley In Questionable Ad

Is anyone else skeeved out over the DirecTV ad? Based on the movie Tommy Boy, in which Chris Farley — who died in 1997 due to a drug overdose and heart complications — the spot shows Farley doing his famed Fat Guy in a Little Coat Dance as co-star David Spade re-dubs his character’s dialogue.

It’s bizarre that Spade, a close pal of Farley’s, went along with this. He and DirecTV must have miscalculated the ad as a tribute to a great movie moment rather than a disturbing, insensitive money grab.

Or maybe Comcast put together the ad as a way to drive people away from DirecTV.

DirecTV Profits Off the Dead [The Mep Report]
(Thanks, Russ!)

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