College Student Needs Personal Assistant To Help Him Be College Student

Oh, college. Remember how busy you were, between classes, activities, part-time work, and a social life? Instead of adjusting his schedule accordingly, a busy student at Georgetown University (the #7 most expensive college in America) is hiring a personal assistant.

“As my PA you will receive an email once a day by 9:00 am with a task list for that day and a time estimate for each task,” Cooper wrote in the job listing, which was first reported by the student newsmagazine, Georgetown Voice. “Important tasks will be bolded on the list and must be done that day (even though everything on the list should theoretically be finished on a daily basis). At the end of the day you will send me an email telling me what tasks are incomplete or that all tasks have been completed.”

The Washington Post verified that the student, Charley Cooper, is enrolled at Georgetown. He is a sophomore double-majoring in finance and management, and considering a career in either finance or entertainment. Or maybe both. He will pay his PA $10-$12 per hour and provide a car.

Cooper’s photo on Facebook, no longer public, was described as “a man in a striped polo shirt holding a champagne flute.” No word on the popped or non-popped status of his collar. [Edit: Gawker has the picture, and the answer.]

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(Photo: purpleslog)

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