2007 Called With A Pretty Good 'Rock Band' Offer

Maybe excitement around the Rock Band video game has faded, but if you were one of the holdouts who were always jealous of friends who brought the game home a couple years back, now is the time to have your latent wishes fulfilled.

Kotaku spotted a snazzy deal in which you get Rock Band 1 and 2, a guitar and drums for $80, shipping included.

Granted, your friends who probably tired of the game after a few months probably would have sold you all their Rock Band gear for $50 just to get the closet space back, but it’s never too late to get into a dated fad. Now, to track down that HyperColor shirt my parents wouldn’t buy me in 1992.

Maybe The Best Rock Band Deal Yet [Kotaku]
(Photo: Ubiquitous Frame)

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