Best Buy Offers To "Install" Mario Party8 On Your Wii…

While shopping at Best Buy, Chris spotted this wacky sticker on Mario Party 8, no doubt an accident, in which the benevolent Geek Squad offers to do the impossible for you and install the game onto your Wii, which doesn’t let you install disc-based games.

He writes:

Today I went to Best Buy just to check it out. I haven’t been to a Best Buy in a few years. After much looking around, I’ve seen better buys actually. While browsing the Wii Games, I saw Mario Party 8 with a “geek squad professional installation” sticker on it. I asked a few associates how much a professional installation would cost without much luck. I eventually asked Geek Squad. They said that the sticker was there in error. Either way, it’s a funny picture to start a Monday.

Hey, mistakes happen. Such as going to Best Buy and not expecting the Geek Squad to pitch you — intentionally or not — ludicrous, unnecessary services.

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