Chicago Is Sorry They Towed 20 People So Secret Could Film A Deodorant Commercial

Know what’s more important than you not having your car towed and having to pay a $160 tow fee? Secret deodorant commercials! At least that’s the message Chicago sent back in September when they put up signs about a film shoot tow zone only 3 hours before the towing was to begin.

From the Expired Meter:

According to several residents who live, drive and park in that lakefront neighborhood, a city worker started posting “No Parking – Tow Zone” signs on approximately 30 parking spots within the park district controlled lot at around 6 PM with an effective time of 9 PM that same evening.

This effectively gave motorists with vehicles parked in the lot, a whole three hours to move their cars. More than likely, because this lot is used by area residents to park overnight, many drivers had no idea they had to move their vehicles.

Hence, approximately 20 cars or more, according to Betsy Vandercook, Chief of Staff for 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore, were towed to a city auto pound. Vandercook also said Moore’s office was taken by surprise and not warned of the commercial shoot or the tow order either.

Chicago is, you know, sorry about that and Ms. Vandercook was able to get the tickets thrown out and the towing fees refunded. We love a happy ending.

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