Woman Struggles Through Comcast's Outsourced Rebate Maze

Coaxed by the promise of rebates, Rhea took the Comcast high-speed internet plunge, but found it difficult to get her money, since Comcast had outsourced its rebates to a company called OfferWire.

She blogged about her difficulties in getting the rebate, having to go through a convoluted process, and sent us the link asking for help. She writes:

I ordered high-speed Internet service after putting it off for years (we were able to pick up a neighbor’s signal). And as I had always feared, the process has been one enormous hassle after another. First I was told by Comcast that I could install my own service using their handy Self-Installation kit. I spent a few hours with wires, disks, a modem and a router, and no dice. Then I made an appointment to have the Comcast worker come in, and guess what. He told me I could never have installed it myself. There were multiple problems and old wiring and it took him – a very experienced technician – two hours to get the signal!

Then I went online to try to apply for the rebates the original operator promised me. Have you ever done this? It’s through a company called OfferWire, which seems like a complete scam. There is no clear way to find the forms you need to fill out for the rebates. They make you register on the site and at every step along the way you are offered all manner of crap that they would like to see you spend your rebate money on. No, I want my cash. Then when I finally did reach the page where I select my rebates, the list of rules and regulations is staggering. This is a complete joke. I am pissed off. Frankly, Comcast accomplished what it had hoped for: I don’t have the time or patience to collect the forms and information they demand in order for me to get my rebates, worth about $140. WHO ELSE HERE HAS TRIED TO CLAIM THEIR COMCAST REBATES AND HAS GONE THROUGH THIS?

Does anyone have tips on how to navigate OfferWire to get their Comcast cash?

A Comcast Rant!!! [The Boomer Chronicles]
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