Now Available For Halloween: "Sexy" Costumes For Dogs

Last year, we highlighted sexy Halloween costumes for inappropriately young girls, but costume makers have decided to take it farther. To sexy costumes for dogs.

At left is one example—what the seller calls a “school pup” uniform. Um. After seeing a sexy scarecrow dog getup on Amazon, tipster John wrote, “Is the first step in designing a Halloween costume automatically adding sexy to the title?” Maybe.

Little did we know, you can also get matching “sexy” human and dog costumes. Fortunately for everyone, the sexy bee costume doesn’t come in my dog’s size, so we will not be wearing matching outfits this year.

Sexy Alice In Wonderland Scarecrow Pet Dog/Cat Halloween Costume (Good luck getting your cat to wear that hat.)
Matching Sexy Costumes For Humans & Pets! (Thanks, John and Naomi!)

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