Reader Gets 162,000 Vaporized Hilton Points Reinstated

Rikki is happy to report that her 162,000 Hilton points that disappeared without notice or warning are reinstated!

Rikki’s account got canceled because she didn’t use her points for 12 months, per the Hilton Honors policy. However, she says she didn’t get any emails and the customer service reps she called just shrugged their shoulders. The need to read policy and so forth is understandable, as is the concept of “use ’em or lose ’em,” but what’s the big deal about restoring the points if someone calls up?

In any event, after her story went up on Consumerist, the guy who runs the Hilton Twitter account IM’d Consumerist and we passed his email along to Rikki. She writes, “Hilton came through and I got all my points reinstated! Yay!I wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your kind assistance in this regard. I cannot thank you enough for your gesture….much appreciated.”

@hiltonhhonors is the Hilton Honors program Twitter account. It’s worth reaching out to them through that vector if normal customer service routes prove fruitless.

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(Photo: jonrawlinson)

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