Personal Finance Roundup

8 Restaurant Ploys to Watch For [Smart Money] “Here’s a look at a few [methods restaurants are using to cut costs.]”
4 steps to undo a Roth IRA conversion [MSN Money] “Can’t remember the word for it (recharacterization)? Then remember the Oct. 15 deadline if you converted to a Roth last year and want to return to a traditional IRA.”
5 Ways Self Storage Units Are More Sad Museums Than Savvy Solutions [Wise Bread] “Although self storage (like easy credit), can be beneficial to a percentage of the population, it’s a pact with Satan for many folks who don’t have an iron fist over their finances or excellent time management skills.”
In Bad Times, Bartering Can Beat Buying [Washington Post] “Why barter? Here are some reasons, and some cautions.”
Guaranteed income, but at what cost? [CNN Money] “Variable annuities may look like a surefire bet, but make sure you read between the lines before you invest.”

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