Airline Urges Passengers To Leave Their Urine Behind

In a new and exciting airline cutback effort, an airline is now asking passengers to relieve themselves before getting on the plane in order to decrease passenger weight and save fuel. No, we’re not making this up. And no, it’s not Ryanair.

Japan’s All-Nippon Airways is embarking on this experiment for the month of October. Airline staff will ask passengers to relieve themselves shortly before boarding.

ANA hopes the weight saved will lead to a five-tonne reduction in carbon emissions over the course of 30 days.

Although it is intended as an experiment lasting one month and 42 flights, the trial may be extended if it is well-received by passengers and if results are positive.

Based on an average human bladder capacity of 15oz, if 150 passengers relieved themselves on board an aircraft, this would amount to 63.7kg [140 lbs] of waste.

Interesting idea, but what kind of insane person gets on a plane with a full bladder in the first place?

Airline asks passengers to use the toilet before boarding… so they will weigh less and help cut carbon emissions [Daily Mail]

(Photo: mr_t_77)

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