Frontier Communications Has To Pay Back Early Termination Fees

If you signed up for Frontier Communications’ Price Protection Plan—a combo phone and broadband package—between January 2007 and September 2008, and you canceled the agreement and were charged an early termination fee (ETF), you may be getting some cash back.

The New York-based phone company has been ordered to “to refund up to $50,000 it wrongfully charged consumers.”

“Frontier failed to spell out in its contracts the existence of costly fees,” said Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo. “The company is now fixing the issue by providing written notices of these fees and paying back consumers who were wrongfully charged.”

The only way you’ll be getting a refund is if you filed a complaint aginst Frontier prior to December 31, 2008, which is a great illustration of why you should always report company misbehavior to authorities like your state’s office of the attorney general.

“New York Attorney General Smacks Frontier: ‘Early Termination Fee’ Controversy Could Net Hundreds in Refunds to NY’ers” [Stop the Cap! via Michigan Telephone]

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