Walmart Tries To Pass Off Antique As HDTV

Shawn spotted Walmart selling an old CRT TV, mislabeling it as an HDTV. He snapped the accompanying incriminating photos and writes:

Drove into [redacted], CT this past weekend to meet up with a friend, and he needed to pick up a digital picture frame. So we went to Wal-Mart.

We walked in and it immediately smelled like someone crapped themselves, but I digress.

While I was skipping through the electronic aisles, I stumbled across a CRT TV. I was like “WHOA. I didn’t even know these were still in stock”.

$188. The price was rolled back. Nice.

But wait. Whats this? 27″ LCD HDTV? All the specs line up to the TV in question (stunning 480i resolution)…but it’s LCD…HDTV? I think not.

The mistake is probably exclusive to this Connecticut Walmart, as the website seems to have it right, but if you spot a similar mislabeling drop us a line.

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