JetBlue Is An Excellent Airline

Having taken JetBlue for the first time last week, I must say I throughly enjoy their services. First, I got a round-trip non-stop flight to Seattle for only $279.20, tax included. Awesome.

Consumerist is a very critical site so when I see something extra from a company I feel like should give credit where credit is due.

On the day of my flight, I missed the boarding cutoff at JFK but ticket agent Orniston called down to the gate to see if they would let me in. They wouldn’t, and the next available flight was about a ~$500 fare difference. With patience and humor, my man Orniston checked with his supervisor and got me on it for only a $40 fee. Score!

The bathrooms at Terminal 5 seemed a lot cleaner and brighter than the usual. There was free no-BS wifi and a plug-in table – no hunting for spare outlets and crouching like a laptop hermit required.

The Captain gave a good pre-flight announcement that was actually friendly and funny instead of just trying to be. I swear the flight attendant did a sort of sashay dance down the aisle as she checked to make sure everyone’s belts were tightened.

Flight was smooth, seats were spacious and I enjoyed 36 channels of real cable, especially the soccer channels. We landed 45 minutes early. On the return flight there was a lot less legroom and my TV kept cutting out. Otherwise, good to go.

A++++, would fly again!

(Photo: Seamus Murray)

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