Colorado Job Opening: Marijuana Dispensary Reviewer

Are you looking for a job? Do you live in the Denver area and have a talent for writing and a prescription for medical marijuana? Well, then the alt-newsweekly Westword wants to talk to you!

Since the legalization of prescription pot in Colorado, the publication has decided that they need someone to find the best dispensaries and keep an eye on the, um, scene.

Keep in mind this isn’t about assessing the quality of the medicine on site; it’s about evaluating the quality of the establishment. After all, we can’t have our reviewer be stoned all the time.

The perfect candidate will be a talented writer who’s not about to play favorites — and, of course, someone who has a state medical marijuana ID (or the ability and need to obtain one). Compensation will be meager — and no, we can’t expense your purchases, although that would be pretty cool.

We suppose the legal restrictions mean that giving free samples to the press is not a valid option.

Calling all potential pot reviewers: Westword wants you! [Westword] (via Romanesko)

(Photo: Caveman 92223 – Great to be Home)

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