Hope And Pray This Canned Burger Makes It To The U.S.

Reader NORMLgirl, the very person who alerted us to Perky Jerky, has spotted another culinary wonder — the canned burger.

The British site Telegraph, which produced this picture, doesn’t give any information as to where this technological leap forward comes from, although the writing on the can appears to be German. And before you all start to go “eewwww,” bear in mind you’ve wolfed down fast food burgers that didn’t look nearly as good as the one pictured.

What would you like to see canned next? I’m hoping for pizza. Sounds unlikely, but that’s also what the naysayers told the inventor of the canned burger, and just look what happened, beyotches.

Oh, and speaking of German packaged food: there’s this.

Weird canned foods from around the world [Telegraph]
(Photo: phototaker)

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